How telematics can fight road freight crime- Part 3

Part III: Fight road freight crime with telematics

Road freight crime costs the UK economy £250m annually and companies are now fighting back by installing telematics systems which can geofence a vehicle’s location or/ against suspicious activity.

Whilst being targeted by ‘crash for crash’ criminals is more likely to hit the headlines, as we highlighted in our previous blog, companies, particularly those which use vans and HGVs to transport goods and equipment, are more likely to be the victims of theft.

There were 1,400 reported incidents of theft of road freight vehicles and engineering plant and 2,700 reported incidents of theft from Light Goods Vehicles.

With insurance premiums continuing to rise whilst the higher insurance premium tax added more to the bill when came into force in June increasing from 10% to 12%, organisations are increasingly looking at ways to reduce claims and thereby lower costs.

Running a fleet is a costly business in itself without the additional hazard of being a criminal target which could befall a company at any time. Protecting your assets is a sensible strategy.

Telematics can have a dramatic impact on costs. Last year SMEs experienced a 30% increase in such incidents with vehicles targeted on driveways, roadsides and motorway services. Telematics systems can also help protect against theft of tools from vans.

Hubio’s Track and Trace uses GPS location to record the last known position of a vehicles and collate the journey history enabling 24-7 monitoring of vehicles.

Vehicle use can be further monitored by setting up by geofencing whereby a virtual perimeter is set up and an alert triggered whenever a vehicle enters or exits a location so any unauthorised usage can be monitored. It means should a theft of the vehicle occur, the system flags up suspicious activity although it also identifies any unauthorised driving by employees.

Figures from the Transported Asset Protection Association’s (TAPA) Incident Information Service (IIS) database are even more worrying despite seeing a reduction in this type of crime in more than a year.

In March this year out of crimes relating to Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions, the UK suffered the highest number of incidents at 72. The incidents include the high profile case of an armoured van stolen from Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4 which was found abandoned shortly afterwards with €8,108,416 in cash stolen. Two employees of the security company were arrested two days later on charges of conspiracy to steal. Other incidents included a loss of €812,420 of a shipment of swimming goggles from a trailer in the West Midlands and €293,986 of laptops and computers from an unattended vehicle in a layby in Northamptonshire.

To reduce the likelihood of theft of goods from your vehicles or the theft of the vehicle itself, talk to Hubio about its telematics systems including geofencing!

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