Team bolstered by telematics experts

Our Hubio Fleet tracker gives you safety, savings and the best customer service in the market, but that’s only possible if we have the very best staff.

This is why we have bolstered the Hubio Fleet team with the appointment of Russell Olive as general manager and Allan McLean and Gavin Lorimer as regional sales directors.

Russell joins us with over 14 years of senior management experience working in the vehicle telematics, connected car and accident camera markets so he is very well placed to ensure that Hubio Fleet is the very best it can be.

“Hubio Fleet is a fresh and exciting brand that is delivering a first class telematics solution to all types of commercial fleets,” he says. “Safety is at the forefront of our values and we believe that educating drivers on how to improve their driving style should be simple but also effective.”

Russell Olive

He adds: “With Hubio Fleet we’re really pushing on changing driving style as that leads to fewer accidents and less wear and tear on vehicles. It means we can help firms manage their risk, help them to coach their drivers to become safer and in many cases help them save up to 15% on their fuel costs.”

“Some of the other fleet trackers on the market struggle on delivering the customer service, but we’re we’re unique and we talk to people. Many of the larger tracker firms are trying to do everything for everyone, while we are focussed on doing it well.”

Those of you thinking of buying Hubio Fleet will speak to our two new regional sales managers at some point.

First there’s Allan McLean who is looking after the North region and knows first-hand the challenges that fleet managers face. He has over 20 years of working in senior management positions within the telematics, capital equipment and telecommunications sectors.

Allan McLean

Allan strives to work closely with clients to ensure they gain the maximum return on investment from their tracking solution and partnership with Hubio Fleet.

He says: “Hubio Fleet is bringing a fresh new perspective to the fleet market. They have built this platform off the back of their highly acclaimed and award-winning Usage Based Telematics solution for the insurance industry, applying principles from that to the fleet market.”

Meanwhile Gavin Lorimer will oversee the South West region and he says: “I’m looking forward to building the Hubio Fleet brand, whilst showing customers how Hubio Fleet can really help their business.”

Gavin Lorimer

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