Motrans Haulage sees several benefits since installing Hubio cameras across its fleet only 6-weeks ago

Motrans ltd, a leading freight haulage forwarding company based in North East Lincolnshire, fitted it’s Hubio 3g cameras only 6-weeks ago and is already seeing multiple benefits.

Motrans specialises in direct services to London/Wales and Mainland Europe and recently replaced its old camera provider with Hubio’s fully integrated 3G GPS cameras. It currently runs a fleet of 12 MAN tractor units all fitted with camera units.


“I use Hubio Fleet every day to track my drivers and to ensure they are where they should be and where they say they are,” explained Motrans Managing Director Dean Morris.

“The telematics is extremely helpful when delays occur. I can explain to customers why drivers are late, and I can go into detail about where the traffic or incident is.

“It gives my company transparency and I can show them the report and the reason for lateness. It definitely helps me keep my customers happy.”


Dean feels the Hubio camera does two things for him as a manager. Firstly, it highlights to him any harsh braking or cornering by drivers, and he can view the supporting footage.

“If I am sent any alerts for harsh braking or cornering, I can speak to my drivers to give them advise on how to drive more safely.”

Secondly, Dean explains that when drivers are out on the road and they come across a situation where they feel the road is too narrow, or unsafe, by having Hubio Fleet they are in a position where they can click a button on the camera to send the footage back to him. “This allows me to view the road and any obstruction and I can advise them on what they should do.

“My drivers quite like having telematics installed, they feel that it gives them peace of mind, and if they are in an accident that isn’t their fault they have supporting proof on board they can use.”


One of the biggest benefits which Motrans has seen so far from Hubio Fleet, is being able to view video footage at any time. “My older video provider depended solely on SD cards fitted to their on-board cameras which meant I could not view any footage until the driver got back to me. Now I can view it when they are on the road,” said Morris.

“In the past when an accident has happened I have had to ring the driver and get them to take the SD card out to prevent it being recorded over. This means the rest of the journey was left un recorded. This is not an issue anymore with Hubio’s new technology.”


Motrans relies on Hubio it comes to assessing its employee’s timesheets. “My drivers fill out manual time sheets, detailing start and finish times, kms driven and overnight stays. I can compare these timesheets to the report from the Hubio portal to see if they match.”

Dean said “I will definitely be keeping my Hubio cameras for a long time. Since having the 3G integrated cameras in place accidents have minimised and driving behaviour has improved.


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