Hubio keeps the Carter Haulage & Storage fleet on the right track

Vehicle tracking has played a key factor in the successful operation of this Norfolk haulage company for over a decade

A Norfolk based haulage company is celebrating 10 years of using vehicle tracking by installing the latest version of Hubio Fleet’s web based fleet tracking system.

Carter Haulage & Storage runs a mixed fleet of 28 trucks and over 80 trailers from its headquarters near King’s Lynn, west Norfolk, ranging from 44 to 150 tonnes GVW.

High value fleet management

The 44-tonne trucks are used for general haulage and carry onions, potatoes and sugar beet depending on the season. The Carter Haulage fleet also comprises high value and highly specialist low loaders and semi low loaders. These support customers in the UK and Europe with a specialist service for the movement of abnormal loads and machinery.

This high value fleet means Carter Haulage use Hubio Track and Trace for tracking its vehicles and their loads in real time which also enables them to keep customers informed of estimated consignment arrival times. Customer peace of mind has been a key factor in Carter continually using vehicle tracking across its fleet.

Hubio Track and Trace enables fleets to identify the last known position of each vehicle and its journey history as well as capturing key data such as idling times, out of hour’s usage and utilisation of auxiliary devices such as cranes which feature on some of the Carter Haulage fleet. It guarantees around the clock asset management, even when the vehicles make an occasional trip abroad.

Efficiently managing drivers

For Carter Haulage, its drivers are as valuable to the business as its vehicles, with its heavy haulage service employing some of the most highly trained drivers in the country to STGO level.

Carter Haulage’s director Carl Carter says he is paying attention to the Hubio driver scoreboards that monitor his driver’s behaviour.

He said: “We have 30 drivers on our books and they represent the company extremely well. Drivers are used to working in vehicles that have tracking and so far we haven’t had any red alerts in the past 12 months,” he added.

Catering for individual customer needs

Hubio is intent on providing customers with technology features that meet their individual requirements. When Carl spoke to the Hubio customer service team and requested an arrow to be placed against a vehicle on the map screen to show its direction of travel it was quickly added.

“I’m really pleased that Hubio Fleet took my suggestion on board and added an arrow. It saves time for me at a glance to know which direction my vehicles are travelling in. We carry 240,000 tonnes of sugar beet in the 24-week season and making sure I can divert a driver or reschedule a load quickly and efficiently is vital to optimise our vehicle fleet,” he said.

Hubio Fleet recently launched its integrated 3G video camera and vehicle tracking unit which transmits high quality images via the Cloud of a driving incident directly to its Fleet platform. It can immediately support an operator’s claim with First Notification of Loss (FNOL) in the event of an accident.

Carl is considering trialling the new Hubio Fleet 3G video camera system on the Carter Haulage fleet. He said: “I have cameras fitted on some of my other vehicles. They certainly help support those drivers who are travelling in and around town and city centres.”

Hubio Fleet’s general manager Russell Olive is excited to work with forward thinking truck fleets like Carter Haulage. He said: “Carl and his fellow directors run a highly professional and well run transport operation, and they value the support that vehicle tracking can provide in managing their vehicles, loads and drivers to optimise efficiencies. It’s great to see how their customers also value vehicle tracking. We wish them well in their next decade of vehicle tracking use,” he added.

To find out more about the new features please click here.

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