How telematics can protect your drivers, your assets and even lower costs- Part 2

Part II: Don’t be a ‘Crash for Cash’ victim

‘Crash for Cash’ insurance scams cost the sector a massive £340 million a year with companies often finding themselves the target of criminal gangs.

Whilst most footage from dash-cams will be used as supporting evidence in legitimate incidents, as discussed in our previous blog, companies, particularly those with branded vehicles, are increasingly the targets of criminal gangs.

As part of a company or large group, the reasoning is that the vehicles are not just insured but claims will automatically be rubber stamped as part of a process and the claim will not be as vigorously defended as it would with a private motorist.

Companies fight crime by installing cameras 

However, companies are now wise to the scamming and are fighting back by installing cameras with some recent high profile cases seeing perpetrators facing the full brunt of the law.

Recording high quality imagery even in low light, the footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud and onto the Hubio fleet manager platform which means an SD card isn’t required saving time and also in the event of a ‘crash for cash’ scam prevents evidence being lost should the perpetrators spot the dashboard camera and make a grab for the equipment.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) recently landed its 500th conviction in May this year  against a criminal gang which had deliberately caused a crash in Warwickshire and made multiple claims to insurance companies for fake injuries, vehicle damage and solicitor costs.

‘Crash for cash’ incidents are a nationwide problem, but the IFB has identified the top 10 postcodes where the scam is particularly prevalent. Dominated by postcodes in Birmingham (six) and Bradford (three) with one Bolton postcode making its way onto the list, drivers are warned to be particularly vigilant when driving in these locations.

However, locations in the top 20 also include postcodes in north London, Ilford, Enfield, Manchester, Halifax and Liverpool.

For added driver safety, the camera includes a panic button which the driver can use if they feel they are in any danger.

Contact Hubio to find out how its sophisticated telematics system with 3G camera can help protect your fleet and your drivers.

Source: Crime Stoppers , Crash for Crime


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