Monitor your fleet from anywhere

One destination for all information about your fleet. On the web. Anywhere. Anytime.

Live Maps

Monitor your fleet from anywhere

One destination for all information about your fleet. On the web. Anywhere. Anytime.


Instantly access video of severe driving incidents via the Hubio Fleet platform.

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Live Map

See the last reported locations of all vehicles or monitor individual vehicles in real-time.

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Data that does more. Get in-depth reports on expenses, vehicle day summary, idling time and more.

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Receive alerts when certain driving thresholds are crossed (for example, excessive speeding).

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Set up geofences on the map in seconds and receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit these areas.

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Manage vehicles, users, alerts and specific journeys.

Explore the fleet portal for yourself…

Integrated 3G Vehicle Camera and Tracking

Transmit footage via the cloud to the Hubio Fleet platform within minutes of a driving incident. This allows immediate claim intervention with first notification of loss, minimising claims and protecting your fleet.

  • Instant upload via the cloud so no need to have to retrieve an SD card
  • Videos are transmitted over a private 3G network to the Hubio Fleet platform
  • Immediate claim intervention with first notification of loss (FNOL)
  • Powerful imaging sensor ensuring high quality images even in low light conditions

Vehicle Track & Trace

See the last known position and the journey history of your vehicles. Allowing full awareness of your fleet at all times to ensure operational efficiency and enhanced customer service.

  • Capture all the information about your fleet such as fleet day summary, Geofence events, idling time and out of hours usage
  • On screen pop up or email notifications of event that have occured
  • Collect any information that can be electronically gathered including braking systems, advanced accelerometer and auxiliary devices
  • Download reports in multiple formats including excel and pdf

Driver behaviour

Monitor driver behaviour along with harsh driving events for a complete picture of how your vehicles are being driven. This allows you to proactively act upon the data, ensuring your drivers and vehicles are safe as well as reducing fleet running costs.

  • Compare the best and worst driver performances in the safety league table
  • Identify operational safety and efficiency trends
  • Create detailed driver training notes with supporting video
  • Monitor the effectiveness of driver training

Web Portal and Mobile App

Have full visibility of your fleet from anywhere through the web portal or mobile app. Driver app also available to allow drivers to monitor their own performance and make proactive changes.

  • Manage your fleet from anywhere through your computer or mobile
  • Be able to respond to incidents even if you are on the road
  • Driver app allows drivers to be responsible for their own performance and implement training

Flexible choice in hardware

Choose from the integrated 3G camera, plug and play OBD, or professionally installed black box and CAN bus. Dependent on your needs and budget you can select the appropriate hardware that will work for you.

  • All hardware comes with real time track and trace capabilities
  • Decide whats important to you and select the hardware that best suits those needs
  • Mix and match hardware options for the ultimate overview of your vehicles

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  • Provide real-time tracking
  • Drive down costs and save money
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Boost fleet productivity
  • Reduce fuel costs by up to 15%
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