Why we created Hubio Fleet

As technology around the fleet manager evolves each day, it can be easy to be drawn to an overcomplicated vehicle tracking system. Hubio Fleet’s reliable vehicle tracking system offers simplicity from day one – an easy plug-and-play OBD device and a simple-to-use interface. Our service and support team are on hand so you can immediately unlock the value of live tracking at the best price on the market.

Safety is at the forefront of our values and we believe that educating drivers on how to improve their driving style should be simple, non-intrusive and effective. Our driving analytics has been tested and perfected to deliver real change so that we can truly improve driving behaviour, one driver at a time.

Our background

Hubio Fleet is a provider of simple, low-cost vehicle tracking designed to improve driving behaviour, lower the cost of fleet operation, increase productivity and minimise vehicle wear and tear. Our fleet management system is delivered by the teams from industry-leading telematics providers Road Angel Fleet and Hubio.

Hubio was recently recognised as a leading global Telematics Service Provider by PTOLEMUS in 2016. We are proud to house some of the most experienced Customer Service representatives in the industry. Delivered by the team at Road Angel Fleet, we’re on hand to help from the moment you send an enquiry. Whether it’s a question about our product, installation or technical support, Hubio is here to help.

Our news

Team bolstered by telematics experts

Our Hubio Fleet tracker gives you safety, savings and the best…

Book a demo

Let’s get started. Schedule some one-to-one time to see our product in action and ask any questions you have – simply complete the form. We will show you how Hubio Fleet can:

  • Provide real-time tracking
  • Drive down costs and save money
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Boost fleet productivity
  • Reduce fuel costs by up to 15%
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