Case study: Skilled Labour Services saves £600 a month in fuel

Labour supplier Skilled Labour Services (Southern) Ltd reports it has succeeded in saving 15% off its fuel bill each month by using Hubio Fleet.

Based in Portsmouth, the firm supplies two, three or four man construction gangs across the South of England using a fleet of 16 modern five-seat vans. The firm estimates its spend on fuel has reduced by 15% since installing Hubio Fleet in each van.

Richard Allen installed Hubio Fleet OBD plugins in all 16 of his vans

Managing Director Richard Allen says he and his team log in daily to the Hubio Fleet dashboard, using the Live Map to see that his 16 vehicles are arriving at their sites on time. “What I really like about Hubio Fleet is being able to see the whereabouts of the total fleet at a glance,” he says. “I can cross check each vans total mileage its fuel bill. Hubio Fleet has also let me monitor out of hours use of the vans, so right away we can see which of our drivers are using them for private mileage. In the past we didn’t have this insight, but now that we do, we are saving around £600 a month off our fuel bill. That more than covers the ongoing costs of the Hubio Fleet platform.”

As well as monitoring fleet use, Allen also sets up geofences around congestion zones and toll bridges so he can receive an alert when one of his drivers has passed in and out of them, thus avoiding fines.

More recently he’s become interested in the monitoring driver behaviour. “Being able to see a fleet safety score has certainly been an eye opener for me,” he says. “Whenever you have drivers needing to get people to places on time, there are occasional instances of speeding. Using Hubio Fleet is certainly making me think more about the case for monitoring driver behaviour, so I’m looking forward to looking at ways to coach our drivers over the coming months.”

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